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Mary Beth M. 

"I attended the National Personal Training Institute through the extended program offered in the evenings and on Saturday's for 9.5 months. My education has provided me with the knowledge to not only personal train, but to start my own business. The program offers quality information on resistance training, cardio training, nutrition, starting and maintaining a business, psychological components of fitness, and much more! I took the NASM-CPT exam upon completion of the course and passed on the first attempt. The after graduation resources (client paperwork, networking, jobs, etc) have been extremely important in helping me develop my business and collect clients. I also thoroughly enjoyed the instructors at NPTI, who always brought excitement and passion into the classroom. The instructors have kept in touch post graduation and continue to answer any and all questions I have about being successful with my business. I am impressed with the education I have obtained through attending the National Personal Training Institute and look forward to my career as a personal trainer."

From Carlos, D. - a recent graduate from NPTI Colorado Springs ... 

"Graduating from NPTI in Colorado Springs opened the door to a most fantastic career for this 70 year old, lifelong fitness enthusiast. Upon completion of NPTI and certification, I commenced training older adults and I did so, pro-bono for a short time. Shortly thereafter, a secured some paid regular clients, which I trained at home. Since then, I developed a pilot (group fitness) program for 4th and 5th graders, presented the idea to a local school and "bingo", they bought it, now I am well on my way to a very satisfying new career. I give great props to my lead instructor, Heath Gay, Jackie Black, and the entire teaching for their positive motivation and confidence building attitude. Well done!"


Katie B.

"I wanted to thank YOU and NPTI for my education and the doors it has opened for me. I will be traveling again in April to Europe to coach the National team of South Africa (yes, who knew SOUTH AFRICA had a ski team). Then I will be on my way to South Africa to travel and coach for the summer as it is there winter. I am more confident in my coaching on the hill and in the gym now that I have a good understanding of how the body works and education to back it up.

Wanted to express my gratitude as I am well on my way to doing amazing things, and changing the way athletes think and train.

Please pass my story on to students as they could have the same truly amazing opportunities with the education that they will get through NPTI."

James Sema

"We are so impressed with the NPTI graduates we have hired here at the World Gym. They are so knowledgeable and always have new programs to keep it fresh with their clients. Their ability to retain clients is something that makes them stand out compared to trainers from other backgrounds, and it is because they understand the entire business of training and have the knowledge to get their clients results. The NPTI graduates we have at World Gym have seen great financial success due to their experience from NPTI Colorado. We are hoping to hire more NPTI graduates soon."

Darcy B.

"I started thinking about being a personal trainer a couple of years ago. I have an undergrad degree in Sociology and wanted to continue my education. I wanted to do what I love, which is anything involving fitness and helping people. I had a couple of friends who got certified online and are personal trainers but I knew that wasn't the route that I wanted to take. A year ago I started researching schools that specialized in personal training and NPTI Colorado popped up. With all of the information that I got about NPTI I took it to my mentor to see what she thought about the school. She has an undergrad degree in exercise sports medicine and has her NSCA -CSCS.

She encouraged me to attend NPTI because their curriculum was great and I would learn a lot to become a great trainer. I started the program in August and it was the best decision I could have made. After only being a student for a couple of months I knew that I wanted to work there and have other students have the same wonderful experience that I had. I have now graduated and I am certified through ACE (The American Council on Exercise).

I have gotten more than I expected out of attending NPTI and I am very grateful that I took the leap to go on this journey. I love going to work everyday and I get to be mentor for students who are, in some cases, as anxious I was about "taking the leap" into the fitness industry.

I'd encourage anyone interested in this school to come in and observe a class. Or visit NPTI Colorado's website and see what other grads are saying."

Miles A., Idaho Falls, ID

"Since leaving NPTI Colorado, I have come to realize that the education I received there was more valuable then I previously thought. Entering the training workforce I expected for all other trainers to know about as much as I did. I expected the other trainers I worked with to know what to look for when assessing clients and to implement the gathered information into their programs. I was mistaken. NPTI Colorado put me leagues ahead of other trainers that I worked with, not just with training know how, but with the legal know how that goes along with it. The knowledge and hands on experience that you receive at NPTI is invaluable when first entering the fitness industry. I’m so glad I chose to further my knowledge with NPTI and by doing so come into this industry well prepared for the road ahead."

Barbara G.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for the school. I am so thankful to have a teacher that cares. You are such a huge motivation for me. I just want you to know that YOU are what gets me through school. You make class fun and I actually enjoy coming to school. You do so well at explaining things in ways that I can understand. You are such a rockstar for doing what you do!"

Lori Melchior

"Graduating from NPTI gave me the knowledge, education and interactive personal training experience to propel me to the next level. NPTI Colorado gave me a solid foundation for my education as a trainer, fitness professional and business owner. The experience and knowledge I learned while I attended NPTI has helped me become a confident leader in the fitness industry regarding personal training and a successful business owner. NPTI prepared me beyond expectations. I feel the curriculum at NPTI provide me with a priceless educational experience and it will for anyone looking to make their footprint in the industry of fitness. Since graduating from NPTI, I have trained at various clubs throughout the Denver metro area and now co-own, operate, and instruct and my own indoor cycling studio called "Epic Ryde,"

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NPTI Colorado has closed its Lakewood and Colorado Springs locations effective August 22, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications for new students.

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