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"We are a Colorado based fitness company who has benefited from hiring NPTI graduates. These Personal Trainers come to us prepared for the market and to succeed. In fact, one of the NPTI graduates we hired is now in the top 10 most successful trainers in our organization. I highly recommend that other club owners and operators create an alliance with NPTI." - Amy T. / Personal Training Director

TO: Any Aspiring Personal Fitness Trainer Or
Any Employer Considering Hiring an NPTI Colorado Graduate

FROM: Dr. Eric Cobb, Founder, Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend funding for Vocational Rehabilitation for soldiers enrolled in the Colorado Springs, CO coursework presented by National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) of Colorado. 

My company, Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC, has been closely associated with NPTI Colorado for several years. We are a fitness and healthcare education company that provides neuroscience-based training to all levels of health and fitness professionals, as well as therapists and physicians. In our association with NPTI Colorado, I have been consistently impressed with the extremely high level of ethical, science-driven education presented, as well as their dedication and focus on helping their students succeed not only in the educational process, but after graduation upon their entrance into the professional arena as well. 

Additionally, Mr. Philippe Ray, the owner of NPTI Colorado, has consistently shown both the desire and ability to provide the highest levels of service, commitment, and support to his students and faculty at a level mostly unseen in this industry. 

My overall impression of the NPTI Colorado curriculum, faculty and ownership all make it easy for me to recommend their program for funding. I strongly believe that they are fully capable of providing a very high level of service and education to soldiers seeking vocational rehabilitation (far above and beyond industry norms). I also feel that NPTI Colorado is equipped to do this for soldiers irrespective of any existing disabilities. 

Finally, I believe it important to note that NPTI Colorado, along with my company, have been actively working with and supporting Lifequest Transitions – a non-profit organization based in Colorado whose sole focus has been working with wounded/disabled soldiers in the Warrior Transition Unit. Mr. Philippe Ray now sits on the Board of Directors for Lifequest and we both share a similarly large commitment to doing our best to provide a better quality of life for every soldier we can reach. 

If you have any questions about this recommendation, please feel free to contact me at any time. I would be happy to provide you with further information in support of the NPTI Colorado program. 

Thank you for your attention. 

Kind Regards, 

Dr. Eric Cobb
Founder, Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC

A recommendation for the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado
from a licensed medical doctor ….

FROM: Richard K. Stiverson, M.D.

It is a pleasure to write a letter of reference for the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado (NPTI CO). My wife recently embarked on a second career as a personal trainer. After carefully researching all of the available programs in this region, she chose NPTI CO. In hindsight, as a physician, I could not be more pleased.

Having worked with physical therapists and having some familiarity with personal trainers, I found the education and training she received at NPTI CO to be unique and impressive in three particular areas: 1.) safety, 2.) disease and disability, and 3.) core knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

All doctors take part of our professional oath, “First, do no harm”, very seriously. It is the foundation of our profession. I was frankly astounded that this is also a cornerstone of NPTI CO education. Indeed, protection of clients’ health and well-being was one of the first subjects to be covered.

NPTI CO covers cardiovascular risk factors in detail. Students are well versed in CPR. My wife learned to perform a medical history review every bit as comprehensive as the nurses in my office. Most of the clients my wife has had to date are middle aged and almost all have had health issues that required her to modify their training regimens. This was second nature because it was practiced daily during her time at NPTI CO.

While many personal training school talk-the-talk about interest in disease and disability, their real focus is sports related training for the fit and the athletic. NPTI CO walks-the-walk in preparing its graduates to work with people who populate the real world.

Finally, I must comment on the depth and breadth of my wife’s exposure to anatomy and physiology. These are core subjects of my own education. With respect to these subjects, NPTI CO demands far more than is necessary to pass the certification examination. My wife and I continue to talk about exercise physiology. Unfortunately, when it comes to musculoskeletal anatomy and muscle physiology, my medical school education does not let me keep pace with her NPTI CO education.

For anyone interested in a career as a personal trainer, I cannot imagine a better opportunity that that afforded by the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado. 


Richard K. Stiverson, M.D.

TO: Any Aspiring Personal Fitness Trainer Or
Any Employer Considering Hiring an NPTI Colorado Graduate

FROM: Carla Sanchez, Performance Ready President / Owner

  • B.A. Psychology, The Colorado College
  • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness/Figure) Professional Athlete
  • Colorado NPC Trainer of the year (three times)
  • Founder of the Performance Ready Fitness & Figure Team
  • Founder of the "Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta" Fitness and Figure competition
  • Producer of the pregnancy training video, "Training for Two"
  • Fitness and Nutrition Coach to the Denver Nuggets Dancers
  • Former Denver Broncos Cheerleader

   " There are many programs available for individuals seeking to become a professional personal trainer. So, how do you select the right program for you? Look no further than the National Personal Training Institute in Colorado. NPTI Colorado gives the student the necessary foundation to become a safe, effective, knowledgeable and successful personal trainer. NPTI Colorado offers students a sound curriculum, encouraging environment and 'hands-on' training. There is no other program available that offers this type of experience and education."

   " The NPTI Colorado personal trainer graduates with knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, program design, and business. Employers are confident that the NPTI Colorado personal trainer will provide great client results in a safe manner, minimizing liability to the health and fitness facility."

    "The NPTI Colorado facility is a first-rate gym and educational facility. I have watched the NPTI Colorado students and staff train at The Point Athletic Club and I'm happy to offer my endorsement to NPTI Colorado. If you're looking to become a successful personal trainer, then enroll in the NPTI Colorado program and receive an excellent education and the experience necessary to get your personal training career rolling!"

Carla Sanchez
Performance Ready, Inc. 

TO: Aspiring Personal Trainers Or
Employers Looking to Hire Fitness Training Professionals

FROM: Tom Terwilliger, Coaching Leadership Excellence Founder / CEO

Tom Terwilliger is the host and co-producer of FOX Sports Net Muscle Sport USA TV show. He is also the winner of the NPC National Bodybuilding Championship and Founder and CEO of Coaching Leadership Excellence in Denver, Colorado. He is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapy practitioner, Life Coach, ACSM personal trainer, and personal growth and development trainer/speaker with "Peak Potentials" one of the largest personal development organizations in the world.

   "After 25 years the fitness industry I've see a lot of personal fitness trainers come and go. If I could identify one single element that makes the difference between those trainers that stick around, change lives, and create a successful even inspiring career in personal training, and those that simply move on, it would be confidence. The right certification, training, and experience at the start of any aspiring trainer's career is exactly what's needed to create not only the confidence but the much needed momentum to start them moving in the direction of success. That doesn't come with a few hours of reading a manual and taking a quick test."

   "Getting your personal trainer certification from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado is no walk in the park. nor should it be. It takes commitment and dedication to be great. once you have completed the 500 hours of training under the guidance and tutelage of the NPTI Colorado instructors you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are ready to take on the challenges required to become a great trainer. Philippe Ray leads a program that is bar none one of the best in the country. I simply can't think of a better head start then the education and training from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado. I wish it was around 25 years ago. "

Here's To Your Success,
Tom Terwilliger
CEO / Founder 
Coaching Leadership Excellence

WHY WE HIRE NPTI Colorado Graduates

   "As our business grows, we are regularly in the market for personal trainers. We strive to give our clients top-notch personal training, and that requires hiring top-notch personal trainers. When we hire a trainer, we want to know that they are immediately ready to jump into work. We don't have time to train personal trainers on how to be personal trainers, and we never have to worry about that with NPTI."

   "NPTI graduates seem to have the best grasp on the whole spectrum of personal training. Right out of school, we're confident that they can design and implement effective exercise and nutrition plans. We're confident that they understand safety, special populations, body mechanics, and the business and morals of personal training. NPTI is second to none when it comes to COMPLETELY preparing it's graduates for the many challenges that come with being a personal trainer."

    "The instructors at NPTI are the best. They have amazing credentials, and a passion for physical fitness that they pass on to each and every student. We know we are hiring the best, because they are learning from the best."

    "NPTI graduates make our business better, which in turn provides better service to our clients. We're in the business of making peoples lives better, and NPTI provides us the best people for the job. Thanks NPTI for continuing to set the standards for the personal training industry."

Kris Barrow, owner
Matt Biedron, owner
On The Run Fitness
(970) 667-3871

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NPTI Colorado has closed its Lakewood and Colorado Springs locations effective August 22, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications for new students.

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