Why NPTI Colorado?

Compare our school to other personal training courses.

We focus solely on personal trainer education and career preparation

Many career schools and colleges offer multiple, unrelated career programs like automotive mechanics, medical billing, cosmetology, aesthetician, and on, and on. We have one focused program:  personal fitness trainer (and for 12+ years  it’s the only program we've offered). Over 1,400 graduates from all over the U.S. and 16 different countries have attended NPTI Colorado because personal training education is not something we “also” do, it is ALL that we do.

Our personal training school features a hands-on, practical learning environment

You won’t just learn from a textbook. You’ll learn and practice what you learn whether it's program design or diet & nutrition counseling (and we spend over 100 hours on diet & nutrition). You’ll appreciate why you cannot learn to become a trainer “on-line” any more than you learn to swim or play golf “on-line”.

Students demand schedule flexibility to accommodate their lifestyle

Career technical school students typically are anything but … typical students. Our students already have jobs, homes & children to care for, and bills to pay. Our flexible 30-week program allows you to switch between days and nights without a hassle. Our 40-week program allows you to come to school 3 - 4 nights a week and *alternating Saturdays. NPTI has a class schedule to fit your life’s schedule.  *(you'll actually have class Mon - Sat for 12 - 14 weeks out of the 40 weeks).

Multiple financing options

NPTI Colorado has a financing option to fit your budget. Use your VA Education Benefits.  Let’s talk about a private loan with flexible financing options. Or pay in full and in advance and save up to $995. Qualified borrowers can finance their education beyond graduation.

Our graduates are sought after by top employers

The top employers in health & fitness actively seek out our graduates: 24-Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, TruFit, Fitness 19, The Point Athletic Club, Colorado Athletic Clubs, the Denver Athletic Club, and more.  

Not just a “school”, we’re also in the fitness industry

Classroom and practical training is delivered by experienced, degreed fitness professionals and in our own fitness center. We’re not just another tech school with multiple programs. We know what works because we live it.

Superb Instructors who EXCEED minimum regulatory requirements

Our instructors exceed the minimum instructor requirements set forth by the federal and state departments of education.  All of our instructors have a minimum of a 4-year degree in a a related health & fitness field, a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification, and 3+ years of experience in the personal training field. 

Our personal training program is not just an exam prep course, it’s a road map to planning your personal trainer career

When you finish law school, you take the bar examination.  When you finish NPTI Colorado , you take “Certified Personal Trainer” (CPT) examination.  You will pass (like 90%+ of our graduates who do take the CPT exam).  In addition, we will reimburse you nearly half the cost of the exam (find a law school who does that!).  But, we are not just  an exam prep course. We’re teaching you to start and sustain a career in personal training.

We are there for you after you graduate and as your personal trainer career develops

You’ll participate in classes on interviewing skills, writing an effective resume, how to search for the right fitness career opportunity. Once you graduate, we’ll keep you informed about new career opportunities, continuing education, and even invite you back to renew your CPR / AED / First Aid certification. You may even want to start your own business and train clients in our fitness center.  NPTI Colorado helps you start, maintain, and sustain your fitness career.

Watch Videos from Graduates and Trainers

NPTI Colorado has closed its Lakewood and Colorado Springs locations effective August 22, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications for new students.

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