Personal Training Textbooks

NPTI Colorado uses comprehensive college level texts that provide both a source of education and a future reference in your personal training career. Tuition does not include textbook costs. Textbooks costs (total for all textbooks) range from $225 - $275 (estimate only) depending on how many and which electives you choose.

ACE “Fitness Nutrition Manual”

New in 2015! ACE Fitness Nutrition Manual, “… enabling fitness professionals to confidently provide safe and appropriate nutrition education and service to their clients”.- Scott Goudeseune, President and CEO of ACE.

This text will help fitness professionals fully understand their scope of practice, grow their business, and provide clients with the best chances for long term health & wellness, covering such topics as:

  • Scope of Practice
  • Basic Nutrition & Design
  • Nutrition for Special Populations
  • Governmental Nutrition Guidelines
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Essentials of Meal Selection & Preparation
  • Making Nutrition Part of Your Business Plan
  • How to “Sell” Nutrition Services

Written by Laura Kruskall, PhD, and Michelle Murphy Zive, M.S., RD, who are both industry recognized experts in Adult Weight Management, sports nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, healthy lifestyles, community health as well as published authors in ACSM; Health & Fitness Journal and the ACE Health Coach Manual.

​National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) “Essentials of Personal Fitness Training”

Developed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), this book is designed to help people prepare for the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Certification exam or learn the basic principles of personal training using NASM's Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model. The OPT model presents NASM's protocols for building stabilization, strength, and power.

The text covers the essentials of personal fitness training:

  • Basic Exercise Science
  • Human Movement Science
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Flexibility Training Concepts
  • Cardiorespiratory Training Concepts
  • Core-Training Concepts
  • Balance-Training Concepts
  • Power Training Concepts
  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness
  • Resistance-Training Concepts
  • Program Design Concepts
  • Special Populations
  • Behavior Modification
  • Professional Development

In addition to up-to-date, college level texts, NPTI Colorado provides the student with:

  • A fully developed syllabus with day-by-day reading assignments, major points to be remembered, and on-line study sheets
  • Case studies and Muscle Practicals
  • A valuable diet & nutrition project which can be used for future client diet & nutrition analysis
  • Program Design and other templates
  • Access to subscription based on-line tools that the student will use throughout his / her personal training career.


Elective textbooks, like all textbooks used at NPTI, are purchased separately and are not included in the base tuition costs.  Elective textbooks are subject to change.

Each elective has associated texts and / or materials to include:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) / “Training Older Adults”
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) / Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) / Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • International Kettlebell Fitness Federation (IKFF) / Level 1 Training Manual
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) / Career & Business Guide for the Fitness Professional
  • Training Pre/Post Natal Women  / “Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan”  by Bonnie Berk

National Personal Training Institute of Colorado textbooks

  • Bootcamp / Group X training
  • Tactical Training for Emergency Services Workers
  • Fitness Anatomy
  • Fitness Assessment

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