Gainful Employment

NPTI Colorado graduates who finish the course within 150% (or less) of the prescribed amount of time are employed in health & fitness related professions 71.3% of the time within twelve (12) months of graduation. NPTI does not provide job placement but does provide job placement assistance services.


Employment data reflects graduating students and completers who successfully attained employment in the health & fitness industry as a result in whole or in part of his / her NPTI CO education


  • Former students and / or graduates excluded from Gainful Employment tracking data include former students / graduates who
  • left NPTI CO for severe medical reasons or death
  • joined the military
  • were already in the military and were deployed
  • came to NPTI CO and disclosed at the time of his / her enrollment that s/he had no intention of being employed as a personal trainer


  • By graduating class, by NPTI school (Lakewood or Colorado Springs)
  • By cohort (as defined by the U.S. Department of Education)
  • By employment position classification, specifically by CIP Code 31.0501, Health and Physical Education/Fitness, “ A general program that focuses on activities and principles that promote physical fitness, achieve and maintain athletic prowess, and accomplish related research and service goals. Includes instruction in human movement studies, motivation studies, rules and practice of specific sports, exercise and fitness principles and techniques, basic athletic injury prevention and treatment, and organizing and leading fitness and sports programs.”


The National Personal Training Institute of Colorado (NPTI-CO) enhances the NPTI-CO graduate / personal trainer employment opportunity

  • In the classroom via content including
  • How to handle an interview / answer basic interviewing questions
  • How to write a resume for a personal trainer employment position
  • How to find jobs / potential employers


NPTI-CO staff invites employers and advisory board members to come to the NPTI campuses frequently

  • During advisory board meetings (at least twice annually)
  • Before each class graduates (3 – 4 times annually per campus location).

NPTI CO graduates continue to receive employment opportunity benefits post-graduation:

  • Graduates are invited to return to the campus for potential employer interviews
  • Graduates receive notification of employment opportunities via broadcast e-mails and website posting


  • Social media (contacting graduates through Facebook, LinkedIN
  • Phone / e-mail / regular mail to ALL graduates (100%), within three (3) – six (6) months of graduation or having otherwise left the school.  Interviewers (both NPTI CO front desk and admissions personnel) question:
  • Are you employed?  If so, are you employed in the health & fitness industry?
  • Where are you employed?
  • Did NPTI-CO adequately prepare you for employment in the health & fitness industry?
  • What could NPTI-CO have done differently to prepare you for a health & fitness career?

Based upon these responses, NPTI-CO modifies its coursework to meet the demands of employers and employees, for example, the recent addition of the “Todd Durkin Sales Course” (satisfying both the personal trainer employer and the personal trainer employee feedback for more sales training).


IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE / DISCLAIMER:  This general information does not necessarily apply to the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado and is provided for your information only.

The Personal Training career path is included as one of the U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics TOP 100 Overall Job Openings.

Referencing "Occupations with the Most Openings", 'Fitness Trainer' is in the top 100!

Referencing "Fastest Growing Occupations Requiring Post-Secondary Training," "Fitness Trainer' is #3 and expecting 44% growth by the year 2012!"

Referencing "Occupations with the Largest Employment Requiring Post-Secondary Education,"

'Fitness Trainer' is #10 in the category "Fastest Growing Occupations"

Referencing "Recreation and Fitness Workers, Job Outlook," "Opportunities are expected to be better for fitness trainers and instructors because of relatively rapid growth in employment."

For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics website.

For additional career information on the personal trainer occupation profile(and related occupations), please see: CIP Code, 39-9031.00 Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors “Bright Outlook”

For related personal fitness trainer occupations (e.g. Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical therapist Assistants, etc.), please see this webpage:

SPECIAL NOTE:  Please note that both salary and hourly pay information is averaged for all parts of the United States and includes both full-time and part-time employees.  Hourly and salaried information is not necessarily for full-time, 40+ hour per week employees.  A large percentage of fitness employees do work part-time and the data noted herein reflects that.  For actual salary and hourly pay, please consult with your prospective employer (e.g. 24-Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, Gold's Gym, etc.)

"In a survey conducted by the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity & Health (NCPPAH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 30 million Americans are thinking about starting an exercise program." - Emerging Trends in the Personal Training Industry", by Sherri and Alex McMillan, from,


"Consumers realize that noteworthy results in exercise come from systematic and structured fitness plans developed by qualified fitness professionals", says Dr. Len Kravitz, PhD, Senior Exercise Physiologist for Health & Fitness Association.

According to IDEA Health & Fitnessthe personal training industry grew 21% from 1996 - 2000, and continues to grow, coincidentally, with the United States obesity rate which has increased every year for the past ten years!!!

In IDEA's 2005 'Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey', "Personal training and strength-based [personal training] programs remain the most popular. Those who offer personal training see no end in sight and predict that growth will continue." ...according to a survey of personal trainers, personal trainer directors, fitness directors, and fitness center owner / managers.

A career in personal training has a FUTURE in the fitness & health industry

  • Entry-level employment positions offer $15 - $18/hr., while self-employed, entry-level trainers bill $45 - $55/hr.
  • Experienced, management / ownership roles include $85K+ annual compensation packages, while experienced, self-employed trainers bill clients $85 - $125/hr.
  • This rewarding career can satisfy your desire to be an entrepreneur, or an employee of a corporate fitness chain, or a trainer in a smaller fitness center, or even find you as a valued employee in an assisted living center or physical therapist's office.
  • Begin your health & fitness career as a personal training professional, and you could become a fitness manager / director; group fitness instructor; fitness marketing director; group fitness program director; sales manager; regional manager; or a facility general manager.

If you have ever thought about a career in personal training, now is the time to pursue that goal.

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NPTI Colorado has closed its Lakewood and Colorado Springs locations effective August 22, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications for new students.

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