Personal Training Education Scholarships

Scholarships for Military Students

National Personal Training Institute, Colorado is pleased to *offer a $1,000 scholarship to any student who enrolls in NPTI Colorado’s personal trainer course, and is a veteran, or active member, of the United States military.

*For those that qualify - please note:    

1.Scholarships are awarded upon successful course completion

2.The Veteran Scholarship is not automatic.  Applicants must apply for, qualify for, and compete for the Veteran Scholarship. 

3.Applicants must have completed his / her initial term of service in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, or National Guard unit as evidenced by the veteran’s DD214 and  Honorable Discharge.  Exceptions are granted for those veterans who have been verifiably medically discharged.  Less than Honorable Discharges will be considered only on a case-by-case basis. 

4.The scholarship is not available to full-time active duty soldiers (or any soldier who qualifies for “Tuition Assistance (TA)”).  The NPTI-CO Veteran scholarship is available to National Guard or Reservists who are currently serving in a National Guard or Reserve Unit after having served full time in one of the Department of Defense (DoD) branches of service mentioned above.

5.The applicant must have completed High School and have achieved greater than a 2.5 GPA or the equivalent of a B- / C+.  The applicant may also use post-secondary (post High School) grades / GPA given that s/he completed the post-secondary program s/he was enrolled in post-high school and that the program granted a degree or certificate. 

6.The scholarship is primarily available to veterans who have had VA Education Benefits benefits have expired, in other words, expired VA Education benefits is given a higher priority / score in the scholarship evaluation in the case of a competition with another veteran scholarship applicant.  Veterans who currently have VA Education Benefits can establish financial need will be considered for the scholarship. 

7.Scholarship Applicants must write (type) a 1,500 – 2,000 word essay (no limit) detailing a.) why s/he wants to become a personal trainer, b.) why s/he specifically is a superior candidate as a personal trainer, and c.) if s/he could tackle social issue relative to health and fitness, what would it be and why would you focus on that issue?

8.Two (2) scholarships per Lakewood or Colorado Springs school will be awarded per enrollment (30-week class or 40-week class) one male, one female.  In the event that two female students or two male students apply per school location per enrollment (and not one applicant of each gender), then an exception to this rule may be considered.

9.Scholarships are not automatic.  Applicants must meet all requirements unless waived at the discretion of the President of NPTI Colorado.  Applications will be qualified and judged by the President, Director, and Assistant Director of NPTI Colorado.  If the qualifications are not met, there may be no scholarship awarded.

10.Unlike other scholarships, SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOT AWARDED UNTIL COURSE COMPLETION.  Students’ attendance, participation, professionalism, and grades are taken into consideration.  Students who qualify for the scholarship but do not satisfactorily complete the course will not be awarded the scholarship.

11.This scholarship cannot be combined for any reason with the “pay in full / pay in advance” discount. 

Scholarships for Colorado High Schools

The National Personal Training Institute of Colorado (NPTI-CO), focused solely on the training and education of personal fitness trainers, offers one $1,500 scholarship annually to one male and female senior student per participating Colorado-based high school, interested in our Personal Trainer program.

Each Colorado based high school who participates in NPTI-CO’s personal trainer career recruitment program is eligible for the $3,000 annual scholarship awards.  The scholarship can be used by qualifying, graduating seniors in either NPTI Colorado's Lakewood campus or Colorado Springs campus locations.  A separate program is available to qualified health, fitness, and coaching staff at your school at an educational professional rate (but not under the scholarship program).

Scholarship participation requirements:

  • Each student desiring to participate in the scholarship program must have a “C” or higher overall GPA and be in good standing with his / her school.
  • The student must have an active interest in health and fitness as demonstrated by participation in sports and enrollment in physical education programs.
  • The student must meet other NPTI-CO enrollment requirements

To be considered for the scholarship, the student must submit a 5,000 word typed essay on a list of selected topics to include:

“Why I believe I can make a difference in the health and fitness industry”
“How I would personally handle the obesity epidemic in the United States”

Each school must host and promote the NPTI-CO scholarship program by:

  • Inviting NPTI-CO to your school’s career / job fair events
  • Displaying or otherwise making available NPTI-CO’s program information to students and staff
  • Submitting qualified candidates’ entries annually
  • Providing a single point of contact within your school

Graduating students receive a diploma and the opportunity to take the ACE, ACSM, NSCA, or NASM “Certified Personal Trainer” (CPT) examination with reimbursement upon passing the CPT exam.

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Additional Personal Trainer Scholarships

NPTI Colorado also offers similar scholarships to Native Americans, AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteers. Scholarship participation requires verification of completion of the applicable program, validation of Native American status, as well as meeting other NPTI Colorado admissions requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

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