How to Enroll

Come in for a Tour

Have you come in for a tour of either our Lakewood (Denver area) or Colorado Springs campus locations?  Call us at 303.238.9999 or e-mail us at  You’ll meet with the President of the school. 

You can tour the facilities and sit in on a class if you like.  Flip through previous students’ portfolios and see the actual work that you do while learning to become a trainer at the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado.

How to Apply

You can apply either on-line or in person at the school.  Click on the “Apply Now” link on this webpage.  The application fee is $75.00 and can be paid via credit or debit card (or with cash in-person).

Every new student should:

  • Come in for a tour
  • Apply for enrollment through the NPTI Colorado website
  • Arrange for payment
  • Attend New Student Orientation

Application Qualifications / Requirements

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or have a valid non-resident alien green card (Form I-90).  Otherwise, please see the section on this webpage, “International Students”
  • You must have (minimum) academic achievement level of a G.E.D. or high school diploma.
  • You must provide a medical clearance form.  The medical clearance form is not used as a primary means of eliminating any student (even though we do not have the means to accommodate all student with all disabilities because of the nature of the course).  The medical clearance form simply informs us of your limitations and our ability to accommodate your personal trainer education.

Students with Criminal Records

While a criminal record will not prevent you from attending the school, you will not be allowed to attend the school if you have been convicted of any crime since becoming an adult given that the crime involves a sexual offense or a recent violent offense.

Arranging for Payment

Call our Finance office if you have  questions about how to pay for your NPTI Colorado education.  For both Lakewood (Denver) and Colorado Springs, call (toll free) 1.877.215.2643 or e-mail

Application for International Students

Please see our webpage,  NPTI Colorado is approved for International Students through the U.S. Department of Justice Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).  Upon successful completion of NPTI Colorado’s international student documents (I-20 and I-901), International students must secure an M-1 student visa through his / her home country and through that country’s U.S. Embassy

New Student Orientation

After a student has applied for admissions, s/he will receive a letter and / or phone call advising when the next class’s New Student Orientation is scheduled.  Each enrolling class (usually three enrollments per calendar year) had 2 - 3 New Student Orientations prior to class starting.  If a student starts late or misses Orientation due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. moving to Colorado from another state or country), a special Orientation time will be arranged.

Prior to beginning class, new students will attend a three hour New Student Orientation which will:

Review critical “new student” documents

  • Student Enrollment Agreement
  • Student Handbook and Catalogue

Review Important Student Policies & Procedures

  • Dress Code
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Technology Requirements
  • Attendance & Missed Class Make-up policies
  • Practical program and classroom policies & procedures
  • Academic, corrective action processes & procedures

Ensure completion of all mandatory enrollment requirements

  • Processing Payment / Loan Options
  • Processing VA Education benefits
  • Textbooks purchases
  • Copies of critical documents:  diploma, government picture ID (e.g. Driver’s License)
  • Medical Clearance form

Watch Videos from Graduates and Trainers

Next Course Start Date

Next Personal training classes start:

➨ 30-week course - Next class starts July 8, 2019 (July 12 late start for qualified candidates)
➨ 40-week course - Next class starts July 16, 2019 (July 27 late start for qualified candidates)

Pay in full, in advance and save $995!

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