Training Older Adults

Elective Course: Training Older Adults

The Training Older Adults course provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully train older clientele. Topics include:

  • Reduce injury
  • Increase functional independence
  • Improve health
  • Get fit and flexible at any age

Course objectives:

  • Learn and appreciate how the aging process impacts human physiology
  • Understand risk factors associated with chronic diseases
  • Learn safe, effective training techniques for older adults (flexibility, endurance, strength)
  • Gain confidence in conducting comprehensive senior health assessments and fitness testing on older adults

Primary textbook:  American Council on Exercise (ACE)® "ACE Senior Fitness Manual"

NPTI Reviews:  What our students have to say:

  • 90%+ of participants said the course met their overall expectations, felt the instructors were very knowledgeable, and found the course to be applicable to their future personal trainer education and personal trainer career goals and future plans. 
  • "I feel a LOT more prepared to respond to the specific needs of older adults" 
  • "I had an incredible instructor!  My instructor did a great job of elaborating on each topic appropriately and giving great examples (which were often from his personal experience working with older clients)"
  • "Would love to take a field trip to an assisted living center as part of the class (NOTE:  Great feedback!  We love feedback like this.  This may very well be part of our course content in future 2015 - 2016 classes.)"

... and what do employers who hire NPTI Colorado graduates have to say ...

"We are a Colorado based fitness company who has benefited from hiring NPTI graduates. These personal trainers come to us prepared for the market and to succeed. In fact, one of the NPTI graduates we hired is now in the top 10 most successful trainers in our organization. I highly recommend that other club owners and operators create an alliance with NPTI."  

- Amy T., Personal Training Director 

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[ DISCLAIMER:  This course focuses primarily on ACE® "Senior Fitness", SilverSneakers®, and other certifying agencies' older adult training / program design, however, this course is not an ACE®  or SilverSneakers® sanctioned certification (which is separate and offered exclusively by ACE® and SilverSneakers®). Whenever possible, NPTI Colorado will engage equipment and certification providers like ACE®, NASM®, or SilverSneakers® and host a certification at an NPTI Colorado facility, often times (but not always) at a reduced cost to the NPTI Colorado student, graduate, or staff member.  However, the cost of the certification is not included in this elective (or any elective). While NPTI Colorado offers a variety of certification related courses, the cost of the certification is never included in the student's tuition cost for multiple reasons strictly related to maintaining an economical total cost of tuition:  a.)  NPTI Colorado does not control the cost of any certification.  Certification costs vary greatly (from $195 - $3,000+) and are changed by the certifying agency without notice, b.)  not all NPTI Colorado students want to take the related certification.  In fact, many students take the elective to learn and experience the training as a means of determining if s/he wants to take the next step and then secure certification later, c.)  certification often requires the presence of a certifying agency employee  which would cause delays in NPTI Colorado's 600-hour student schedule and unfairly limit class availability to day, night, and weekend students  and d.) certification is often specific to an equipment manufacturer.  While not always true, manufacturer specific content can be limited, biased, and sales based vs. science based. Manufacturer specific content can be without consideration to alternative forms of similar training, therefore the content can be contrary to NPTI Colorado's philosophy to teach a broad based, manufacturer agnostic, wide ranging curriculum.]

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