Elective Course: Starting Your Own Personal Training Business

The "Starting Your Own Personal Training Business" course provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully:

  • Start, maintain, and grow a personal training business
  • Operate a personal training business

Primary Textbook:  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)® "Career and Business Guide for the Fitness Professional"

The Starting Your Own Personal Training Business will focus on:

  • Are You Really an Entrepreneur?

    • Forming Your Personal Training Business

      • Choosing a legal entity
      • Building your personal trainer team
      • Developing and enforcing personal training policies & procedures
      • Federal, state, city / county taxes and regulations
    • Funding Your Personal Training Business

      • What are the true "lifecycle" costs of running a business to include purchasing equipment, maintenance, training, facilities, and more
      • Writing a business plan
      • Obtaining funding
    • Personal Training Sales & Marketing:  consultative selling vs. "product" selling

      • How to find and retain personal training clients through referrals, social media, and more
      • Managing your sales & marketing time effectively

NPTI Reviews:  What Our Students Have to Say:

  • Over 95% of participants stated that the course met their expectations, was taught by a well informed and experienced instructor, and was very relevant to their current and future personal training goals.
  • "Loved our instructor.  Hard to imagine anyone more suited to teach this personal trainer business course ... her "real world" experience made the elective so much more relatable."  
  • "I feel like I have a LOT more knowledge, references and resources to go out and start my own personal training business"
  • "I learned information about the fitness business, the fitness industry, and the business of personal training that I would have never thought to consider before this class."
  • "This elective was perfect.  I thought I would be bored but the class was fun, super hands-on, and interactive.
  • I've sat through a few business workshops that turned out to be a lot of reading Powerpoints.  Not the case with this elective.  This elective was perfect for me!"

... and what do employers who hire NPTI Colorado graduates have to say ...

"We are a Colorado based fitness company who has benefited from hiring NPTI graduates. These personal trainers come to us prepared for the market and to succeed. In fact, one of the NPTI graduates we hired is now in the top 10 most successful trainers in our organization. I highly recommend that other club owners and operators create an alliance with NPTI."  

- Amy T., Personal Training Director 

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