Advanced Methods of Training

Elective Course: Advanced Methods of Training

The Advanced Methods of Training course provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully:

  • Learn advanced methods for taking one's fitness level beyond what can be accomplished through traditional training
  • Develop exciting, creative, exercise programs for more advanced clients

Course objectives:

  • Master the basics of kettlebell training
  • Become proficient in Olympic Lifting
  • Become proficient in power lifting
  • Experiment with circuit and implement training and understand High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) concepts

This can be taken as three separate classes if students are only interested in one or two of the topics listed.

NPTI Reviews:  what our students have to say ...

  • 99% of the students / participants said they were "Highly Satisfied"
  • "Great class.  Both of our instructors were very knowledgeable.  They showed us EXACTLY what we needed to do!"
  • "Great hands-on learning.  It's really all about technique and we certainly learned technique."
  • "Learned more about abdominal training than I could have ever imagined".

... and what do employers who hire NPTI Colorado graduates have to say ...

"We are a Colorado based fitness company who has benefited from hiring NPTI graduates. These personal trainers come to us prepared for the market and to succeed. In fact, one of the NPTI graduates we hired is now in the top 10 most successful trainers in our organization. I highly recommend that other club owners and operators create an alliance with NPTI."  

- Amy T., Personal Training Director 

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➨ 30-week course - Next class starts July 8, 2019 (July 12 late start for qualified candidates)
➨ 40-week course - Next class starts July 16, 2019 (July 27 late start for qualified candidates)

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