Elective Courses – Gain valuable, in-depth training and academic knowledge about your SPECIFIC interests!

NPTI Colorado now includes UNLIMITED electives for up to SIX MONTHS after your scheduled graduation!

Every student and aspiring new personal fitness trainer needs the basics:  anatomy, physiology, exercise science, diet, nutrition, program design, etc.  The comprehensive, basic NPTI Colorado course thoroughly covers the basics. However, each student has specific interests.  Likewise, the fitness marketplace has specific needs demanding trained professionals who can fulfill niches like training older adults or training obese kids (two high demand areas as determined by both the Center for Disease Control (see www.CDC.gov) and The American College of Sports Medicine (see http://www.acsm.org/about-acsm/media-room/news-releases/2012/10/29/body-weight-training-emerging-trend-in-annual-acsm-fitness-survey) .

What are your specific interests? 

Unlike other schools, NPTI Colorado does not have the same, set curriculum for everyone … as an aspiring new personal fitness trainer, you can explore YOUR specific interests!

What electives are currently being offered?

NEW in 2015 - 2016!  Even more specialized education.  Starting with the 11/2015 class, your NPTI Colorado enrollment includes membership in IDEA®, a leading provider of health & fitness education, tools, blogs, and fitness education events.   See www.PersonalTrainingInstitute.edu/IDEA.

How does NPTI Colorado pick certain electives?

NPTI Colorado examined the specialty training areas with the greatest demand in both the marketplace (by fitness consumers) and by personal trainers (looking for continuing education and skills enhancement).  For example, the "buzz" today is about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) like CrossFit®,  P90X® , etc. We also looked for electives that may be associated with an industry recognized certification e.g. ACE, ACSM, NSCA, NASM, IKFF, etc.

The combination of these selection criteria best satisfied the NPTI Colorado graduates’ ability to

  • realize a return on their personal training education investment
  • experience s specialized, "knowledge advantage" when being considered for employment, and often times,  to be compensated more by those employers who structure base pay using industry recognized certifications as a basis
  • benefit from a quick start in the personal training industry

Are NPTI Colorado students required to take electives?

Yes, graduation requirements include taking four (4) to eight (8) elective units.   Effective November, 2015, students may take UNLIMITED elective units at no additional cost for up to six months after their scheduled graduation date.


  • NPTI Colorado is constantly evaluating and adding new electives
  • All electives are subject to change. Please check the course catalog for currently available electives 
  • Elective  workshop sessions may be held at either the Denver or Colorado Springs facilities. 

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