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Instructor Positions Available Immediately.
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The health and fitness industry DEMANDS highly trained personal trainers! This is your opportunity to train and educate ADULTS on how to become personal trainers who are sought after by health clubs, personal training studios who come to us to hire our highly qualified graduates.

We need YOUR help educating these students and continuing to provide the highest quality beginning personal trainer to the health & fitness industry.

NPTI Colorado is an ACCREDITED post-secondary, career technical school, approved for international students, approved for VA Education benefits, listed by the U.S. Department of Education (and approved for Title IV Federal Financial Student Aid).

Unlike other schools, NPTI Colorado is dedicated SOLELY to training personal fitness trainers ... and we even own and operate a full service fitness center! We do not offer everything from cosmetology to medical billing to criminal justice … we are focused entirely on personal fitness training and have been going on 13 years!

Unlike other career schools, educating personal trainers is not something we "also" do ... it is ALL that we do!

NPTI Colorado is seeking qualified instructor candidates to fill these key teaching positions within the next 30 days.

Please note that NPTI Colorado is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). As a post-secondary career technical school, we are regulated by both state and federal instructor requirements. Minimum instructor requirements are non-negotiable due to regulatory requirements.

Instructor positions in Lakewood area are available now:

NOTE: Classes are taught Monday – Saturday. Your actual weekday, evening, and / or weekend (Saturday – days only) teaching (permanent or substitute) days may be a combination of days, evenings, or Saturdays (days only)

  1. Evening Instructor ( 5:15 p.m. - 10:30 p.m., or, 6:30 - 10:30 p.m.)
  2. Day Instructor ( 9:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.))
  3. Extended class Evening / Weekend Instructor: Possible substitute teaching Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  4. Possible teaching position for a monthly Elective weekend class: NASM "Corrective Exercise Specialist"; NASM "Performance Enhancement Specialist"; ACE "Training Older Adults"; Training Obese Children / Adolescents; Group X / Bootcamp training; Advanced Tactical Training (e.g. kettlebells, ropes, CrossFit style training).

The selected individual would be a part time instructor with the future possibility of becoming a full time instructor. The position is a salaried position with average compensation of $25 - $35 per hour (depending on experience, admin or teaching hours, and following a brief probationary period).

BENEFITS: 401(k) plan, paid vacation / holidays, and a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan.

The successful candidate MUST meet these MINIMUM requirements:

Approximately 40% - 45% of your time is in a practical, hands-on teaching environment.

Approximately 8% - 12% of your time is required for administration.

  1. Bachelor's / Master's Degree in a related field (Exercise Science, Physiology, Kinesiology)
  2. Current, nationally recognized “Certified Personal Trainer" certification (NSCA / NASM / ACE / ACSM preferred)
  3. 3+ years of experience as a personal trainer training clients (2,000 + verifiable personal training hours)
  4. PREFERRED: Adult teaching experience with the ability to ENGAGE ADULTS in a classroom environment while following an established curriculum / syllabus and using a Powerpoint presentation tool. Approximately 50% - 55% of your time is classroom teaching. ENGAGE ADULTS = Entertainer + Educator + Classroom control + Visibly passionate about health & fitness + Team Player (w/ your peer / teachers)
  5. Ability to teach adults how to become a personal trainer in various fitness center or studio environments. You will TEACH adult students how to be engaging personal trainers in a practical, hands-on environment, with results oriented program designs, varied workout routines, and challenging "what-if" scenarios as required to train clients with injuries, sports-specific needs, and general as well as special population specific weight management, health and fitness needs.
  6. You must be "technically functional" with MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, general internet skills. Your experience with tools like iMuscle, ExRx.com, PTontheNet.com, etc. IDEAfit.com is a plus. Technology skills required to follow administrative requirements: grading case studies, maintaining attendance records and student files, etc.
  7. TEACH anatomy, physiology, exercise science, program design, biomechanics, diet & nutrition, energy systems, kinesiology, training special populations, and fitness assessments.
  8. Teach the business of personal training: personal training policy, procedure, legal issues; how to find clients, how to retain clients, how to generate client referrals, as well as basic business skills (e.g. creating a good resume).
  9. You will demonstrate managerial / leadership ability. You are teaching ADULTS how to become personal trainers. Some students may be right out of high school and others may have had other 20+ year careers in aviation, construction, or corporate America.

You must be a PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR which means you must dress appropriately, arrive on time, finish class ontime, maintain a professional, organized, and clean work area and filing system.

Please call 303.238.9999 AND send your resume to phil.ray@personaltraininginstitute.edu. Check us out at www.PersonalTrainingInstitute.edu , or find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/NPTIColorado (Please, no phone calls or inquiries if you do not meet the MANDATORY minimum requirements.

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➨ 30-week course - Next class starts July 8, 2019 (July 12 late start for qualified candidates)
➨ 40-week course - Next class starts July 16, 2019 (July 27 late start for qualified candidates)

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