Vision and Mission Statements

Mission Statement

Develop superior, accountable personal fitness trainers capable of producing uncommon, science-based client results while sustaining a personally rewarding health & fitness career.

Vision Statement

Industry Vision

  • Be the recognized industry standard of health & fitness vocational education such that certification without education becomes non-existent and unacceptable.
  • Be the standard to beat. Be the standard that other schools strive to reach.
  • Be the recognized source of trainers who are the unequivocal employee choice within the industry.
  • Develop proactive trainers who are leaders and innovators while displacing ineffective trainers.
  • Engage other industry leaders and subject matter experts while maintaining a commitment to never operate in a self-serving manner.
  • Become the recognized, industry-leading standards in "whole health": body, mind, and nutrition.

Client Vision

  • Create a generation of clients who are educated and enabled vs. clients who are co-dependent and feel their health & fitness is dependent upon the trainer.
  • Replace the consumer perception that personal training is unaffordable. Inform the consumer that self-directed fitness without the professional direction of a trainer is more costly in one's long term health and fitness.
  • Create trainers who effectively articulate the value of a personal, life-long health & fitness plan.
  • Create clients who live and thrive vs. clients who survive and struggle.

Community Vision

  • Serve the health and fitness education needs of individuals and groups in local, national, and international communities.
  • Be the creator of health & fitness solutions targeting major social issues, such as childhood obesity and an exponentially growing population of aged, unhealthy clients who must work later in life.

Trainer / Graduate Vision

  • Develop trainers with the capability to develop (with experience and time) a 6th sense of how to create a different, more productive client fitness direction powered by client self-motivation.
  • Create trainers who are confident that s/he has what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Company / Internal Vision

  • Attract and reward the highest quality, accountable instructors who recognize NPTI Colorado as the premier educational institution in the industry.
  • Create a visible aura of expertise and education that surround every graduate and emanates directly from the quality of the individual instructor's influence and contact with the student / graduate.
  • Inspire instructors to see every graduate / trainer who goes into the working world as a product of his / her own education, experience, and health & fitness goals for the community and for the individual.
  • Achieve a fair profit capable of sustaining company year-to-year growth, superb employee benefits, and capable of giving back to the community.
  • Instructors and staff lead by example through a commitment to the student, client, customer and industry at large.
  • Provide the highest quality educational and vocational program with the cornerstones of value learning, quality performance among students and staff, and transition for students to a productive and successful career in the fitness industry.
  • Provide graduates / trainers with a long-term vision and plan for a fulfilling career vs. a short-term job limited to sessions and hours.

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